Project 6 handshakes

Om mijn oog hand coördinatie te blijven trainen oefen ik met tekenen. In 2021 heb ik veel tijd genomen om dat te doen door te plaatjes van Instagram na te tekenen op kleine kaartjes van 6x6 cm. Mijn voornemen was om 444 plaatjes te maken. Ik ben gestrand op tweederde van dat voornemen. Nog altijd weet ik dat ik verder zal gaan met het compleet maken van mijn verzameling hedendaagse, iconische plaatjes. Hieronder lees je de tekst bij het project 6 handshakes en zie je de plaatjes die ik reeds gemaakt heb.

Every day of the year 2021 I post a drawing on instagram. In the text below I write a letter to the account owner of the page I got my inspiration for the drawing.
Instagram doesn't like the same text everday and ranks my message low. So from now on the letter will be writen in the comments below the message. I hope you will find it when you visit my project.
Letter to the account owner:
For my instagram project 'project 6 handshakes' I paid an uninvited visit to your page. It is a project I started on October 13 2020. I want to visualize and investigate the hypothesis that everyone is connected in a maximum of 6 handshakes by surfing from instagram account to instagram account and drawing what I encounter. I started with a random first image, through that picture I took 6 steps in your list of 'likes' and did that again with the picture I choose in the next account. This is my way to find inspiration, to make a drawing (size 6x6cm) every day and to experience some craziness.
In the research with the handshakes I want to see where I go. 
I travel virtually around the world and come to visit in all kinds of groups. I don't know who else I'm going to meet. I find that very exciting and at the same time I am very enthusiastic about it. I hope you can appreciate my visit. In any case thank you for having me and for your inspiration. 
Bye Bye,
Greetings Sandra
P.S. Recently I came to the insight that I record what contemporary icons are in the daily life of people worldwide. 
I collect real "folk art". On december 31 2021 I will end this project. In that day I will have made 444 drawings. They will be framed, 15 pieces in the size 30x80cm.

Hieronder de link naar mijn instagram pagina 'project 6 handshakes'. Ik vind het leuk als je me daar gaat volgen. Zo help je me mijn aandacht weer te richten op dit project.